What do I need at a minimum to submeter the water in my property?

If a multi-unit property, the plumbing has to be separated per it's respective units. Many purpose built properties already have this done. It is best to separate the plumbing during a renovation otherwise a plumber may be needed to determine if plumbing is separated in the building or to determine the best course of action to separate the plumbing. An internet connection is also required.

What is the best way to obtain an internet connection for this unit?

1. Buy your own minimalistic internet connection just for the digital reading unit

2. Buy an unlimited internet package, allow tenants to use it and increase rents accordingly

3. Put the digital reading system on the tenant's internet

4. Purchase a cellular modem to be used for internet connection to digital reading system

How are the water meters installed?

Typically, a plumber will install the water meters on a standard copper or pex lines.

How is the digital reading system installed?

The purchaser of the reading system unit is responsible for installation. The system is fairly easy to set up and Water Bill Solutions is here to support. Typically a unit can be plugged in and will already come preloaded with unit numbers, address etc.

How do I set up Wifi to my reading unit?

If you already know your network name and password, Water Bill Solutions can pre-program the unit to automatically connect to you Wifi. If the network or password is unknown, an instructional video can be found at the link below.


What if the internet goes out?

The digital reading unit will continue to track water usage. When internet is reestablished, the unit will catch itself up to where it left off publishing the data.

How does the system work?

Once water meters are installed, the meters have small pulse wires that are connected to the NoWire unit. The pulse wires send a small signal at an interval predetermined by the specific water meter to the NoWire reading unit. The NoWire unit then regularly publishes the data to your MeterData account which can be logged into at anytime.

Can I use my own water meters?

Yes you can use your own water meters provided they have outputting pulse wires. Water Bill Solutions will need to know what units your meters read in (liters, gallons etc) and at what pulse rate the meters send out a pulse (1:1, 1:10 etc). Your NoWire unit will come preprogrammed with the correct settings.

Can updates be made to the Wireless reader after installed?

Yes. Provided the system is connected to the internet, Water Bill Solutions can change settings on the unit remotely should you change meters or require a number of other changes.

 What size are the water meters?

The water meters sold by Water Bill Solutions are standard 3/4 inch connections. Reducers/increasers can be added to the input or output side of the water meters.


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